Endorsements received by colleagues over the years.
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July 2010 - Michael Walling author: "Blood Stained Sea" "Choke Points" "Forgotten Sacrifice"
"In The Event Of A Water Landing" "Enduring Freedom Enduring Voices"

"Thank you for the terrific work you are doing to preserve the Survivors' Stories and recreate the events of one very interesting, but forgotten part of Operation Torch.
Your dedication to this project is astounding as is the accuracy of the work.  I am honored to be a small part of this project and wish you great success."


November 2009 - Barry Basden author "Crack! and Thump"

"You did a great job of integrating archival film with your re-enactments. I still don't know how you get it all done. My hat's off to
you and your determination."


December 2009 - World renowned independent WWII archival film researcher Polly Pettit   

"The re-enactments are very impressive. You've created a suspenseful story with all the necessary elements.
Congratulations on a great job!"



December 2009 - Lt. Col. Henry Gerard Phillips USA (Ret) Military Historian & Author 9th Infantry Division Association 

"Dawn November 7th 1942, the USS Thomas Stone carried the 39th Regt. 2nd Bn. headed for the port city of Algiers. Among the seamen was 20 year old
Anthony L. Fraticelli, USCG assigned to the landing craft crew. Fraticelli kept a diary that would later inspire son Michael to produce a documentary paying
homage to both the men of the 9th Infantry Division, and to the Naval crew onboard. Michael creates a tasteful story capturing
the essence of early combat in the Allied invasion.

April 2011 -
Louis M. Prince - Officer 60th Field Artillery 9th Division

Dear Mike:
You have done a fine job for the Ninth Division, and we few remaining veterans are very grateful. Thanks for the DVD. We ran it yesterday,
and I am still thinking about the subject matter, which moved me deeply. It is beautifully put together, very professional - and I consider you a very competent
professional indeed. Your diligence and continued fascination with the Ninth Division, particularly in North Africa, astound me.

Jan. 2013 - Gary Metz
author "Last of the Randolph Blues - Personal Stories of Ten WWII Pilots"

Mike, you are one of the few who really understand what this is all about. Take heart! Soon we will be doing the lecture circuit together,
 preserving what would otherwise be forgotten. Through us, it will live on. It's an honor knowing and working with you. Gary W. Metz

June 2016 - 
Brian Lane Herder  "Operation Torch 1942: The invasion of French North Africa"

Inspired by his father’s experience, Mike has passionately mined primary sources to shed light on an overlooked episode of an overlooked campaign.
I suspect one will not find a more knowledgeable historian regarding the 'Torpedo Incident' upon the USS Thomas Stone.